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What is Amazon Web Services and Its Benefits?

Amazon Web Services is the highly reliable cloud based platform provided by Amazon. The benefit of having cloud platform is agility, elasticity, cost savings and you can expand your regions. This platform is created with combination of the infrastructure as a service (Iaas), Platform as a Service (Paas) and Software as a service (Saas).  It will fulfill all your business needs.

Nowadays Amazon Web Services is used by millions of people to grow their websites and business. It offers thousands of business around in 190 countries around the world.

Amazon Web Services is the leading cloud platform that has more functionality and largest community of customers and partners.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  1. Cost Effective

In Amazon Web Services you need to only pay what you use. It is very cost effective which means it charges only the resources that you have used. It offers the services without upfront cost or long term commitments means you don’t need to invest money in advance.

  1. Most Secure

AWS has high secure infrastructure, including physical, software and over the internet. It provides end to end privacy and security for your business. They provide the strong security system which you gives a peace of mind to concentrate on your business.

  1. Easy to use

AWS is designed to allow application vendors, ISVs to host your host applications fast and securely. To access the AWS’s application hosting platform, you can use the AWS management console or well-documented web services APIs.

  1. Disaster Recovery

Amazon is answerable for the data and preparing for a large number of organizations, they have protocols to maintain the data safely and backed-up. It provides the 99.95% ensured uptime for the businesses to know that their data’s are available at any time. The Amazon takes of the backup protocols, so the users don’t have to thing about to take the data backup in separate physical media or as archived files.


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